what does she do in real life?


 It is the bast. For me at least.

Contrary to my twitter and instagram feed, & constant exclamations of how I don’t do any work, I actually do have a real job. With a real other human (this is debatable). We have clients & salary slips & things like taxes. I know, WUT even.

I really like drawing and bringing things in my imagination to life. It makes me really happy when people say “Hey Nat, I have this idea, but I’m not sure how to really express it” and I get to use what I have & present them with a product that is as close as I can get to what they want. That is a good feeling. Especially if you give me caszh monies for doing it as well.
Check out my other blarg (who has 2 blargs, what a chop). It’s mostly just to showcase doodles & any commercial or freelance work I do.

If you’d like to contact me with regards to real work (hopefully with payment in legitimate South African rands, or cake). Check out the Contact page.


Other skills if you’re interested:

  • I can pinch with my toes. Like sore. Like my toes could be wapens.
  • I can fit in to most compact places. This comes in handy for espionage misszhions.
  • I am ridiculously good at taking pictures of things and people unknowingly. Whether it be in public, or if it’s simply to capture that taxi speeding by, so I can laugh at the name emblazoned on it’s front (Baby Ammaarah 2, 4 Missed calls etc.) Be warned, if you’re doing something I find hilarious, I will go Ninja Paparazzi on your ass *slinks into shadows*
  • I’m good at Nooit vir Nooit. But the contemporary music version. If you play a song for me, there’ll be a 99,8% chance I’ll be able to recognize the singer by the 1st chorus, even if I’m not really familiar with their music. Although shoutout to Johan Stemmet because his shirts. His shirts.

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