The List

I really hope I can do all these things Inshallah. And in no specific order…

  • Go on Hajj (religious pilgrimage)
  • Host a dinner party – where I actually cook the food. Real fanzy like
  • Compile a recipe book (like every real female should for feeding purposes)
  • Get married
  • Sew a proper piece of clothing & wear it out
  • Become pregnant and then a mother
  • Read a magazine while sitting in the dead sea
  • Have a Halloween or fancy dress pardy
  • Trick or Treat (preferably in America)
  • Travel in an airplane (No, I have not been on one. Not even to like, Joburg)
  • Go on a cruise
  • Write, illustrate and publish a children’s storybook
  • Have a summer olympics day
  • Go on a home made drive-in movie date
  • Go for a spa day
  • Longboard down a hill
  • Do some big charity event/ drive, start an NGO (even if it’s super toiny)
  • Dye your hair a colour (blue, purple, pink) even though no one sees it
  • Try on wedding dresses at a department store
  • Go for a ride in a hot air balloon
  • Busk on a street (& see if people actually give your lame ass some monies)
  • Do the moonlight mass
  • Go on a city tour with that red bus in Cape Town
  • See a band/artist live in a musical festival / outdoor setting
  • Visit a tropical Island (Robben Island does not count)
  • Go on a real, legit road trip
  • Go for a night time swim somewhere random
  • Learn to play one song on the guitar
  • Make that line of printed t-shirts you’ve always wanted to
  • Be part of a choreographed dance of some sort
  • Go to Coachella
  • Go to Comic-Con
  • Make a profezzional wedding or birthday cake (that other humans can consume)
  • Wear colour contact lenses for a day
  • Speak in a different accent for the whole day
  • Ride a horse and fulfill your dreams of being Xena
  • Shoot an arrow with a bow. Yes, more Xena dreams
  • Make & fly a kite
  • Go snorkelling / scuba diving
  • Be a mermaid
  • Build a treehouse
  • Have a library in your house
  • Cut your hair in to a really short pixie cut/bob
  • Open up a coffee shop
  • Attach a Love Lock to a bridge (preferably the Pont de l’Archevêché in Paris)
  • Travel everywhere you can
  • Ride a bike with a basket on the front & go buy something from the shop (maybe Marm needs bread). And play “Knock 3 Times” because you need to personify the characters in Now & Then. Obviously
  • Make a pinata
  • Drive a scooter. When I was 16 I was sure that driving a scooter, especially with my black hair and eyeliner (thanks avril lavigne), was the epitome of cool rebellion. I’m pretty happy I’m not 16 anymore
  • Make a snowman. In snow. Preferably out of the country
  • Walk up the great wall of China and shout “This is how it’s done Bieber!”
  • Tackle (to the floor!) one of those suit wearing mascot thingy people
  • Pretend to be sister for the day, considering people always mistake us for each other. Sure, there is a significant height difference, but I’m sure we can work around that, especially with people who don’t really know us. I always wanted to do Parent Trap ok! Minus the parent part.

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