Kirstenbosch Concert

If you haven’t been to a concert, whether in a stadium or in a more intimate venue, you’re really missing out. There is something that live music evokes in people that cannot be explained, and Kirstenbosch, with it’s chilled out atmosphere and picturesque venue makes for a great concert experience.

I’m not a music snob. I have my preferences, however I do lizzen to everything at least once. But pop music. I like pop music; I like how catchy it is.

But mostly I love how it transports me back to a time where my cousins and I would fight over the poster in the YOU if it was of the Backstreet Boys or Britney Spears. HUH UH I ASKED FIRST. A time where we performed Spice Girls songs to an imaginary crowd in the lounge, using deodorant bottles as mics. Damn embarassing (Baby spice fo life! Except if my other cousin was with. Then I’d be demoted to Ginger, because she resembled Baby more. Fair skin, whatever racism).

Shoutout to all the girls who could never be the Spice they wanted to be!

spice girls


And so Jimmy Nevis, with his upbeat pop (for lack of a better category) filled the void that they left, for a few hours. Jimmy, you’re so cyood man.


I can’t have N’SYNC anymore, so thank you for filling this space they left.

(Yeah Justin, I loved you before this brazilian blow out, R5 gel business, when you still had a blonde noodle kop).



When we arrived, we had to stand in a queue. Sweltering heat and people everywhere, I was scared we were going to melt to death. Or at least, that my cousin would. What would I do? Scoop her up in a plastic bottle, label it “cousin” and give it to her mother? “Er, sorry Aunty, she just melted. I don’t think her deodorant was strong enough.”

Once we eventually got in to the concert area, everyone went buck wild, claiming spaces. We THREW the blankets. THREW. Everyone just went for it. Because space was precious. I was ready to go Gollum on anyone’s ass if they even encroached on our area!

“THROW RAADIYAH! THROW! Don’t still make it nice yet! Just throw!”

We got great seats, even though a mild voete smell lingered for a while. Yes, don’t think I don’t know one of you was wearing pumps.

And so we danced, we sang along, laughed and obviously ate everything in sight, because being healthy is ridiculous and is reserved for commoners.*Throws head back and laughs wildly. But stops immediately in case a gogga flies in there.

Jimmy Nevis is so lucky I didn’t start krumping or twerking; I didn’t want to draw the attention away from him. JOKES. This guy is an amazingly talented artist and a great live singer. South Africa has always had a great music industry with real talents, but a lot of them have always either gone unnoticed or been dropped in the underrated pile. I’m amped that our people are getting the recognition and opportunities they deserve.

The highlight of the concert was probably the young girls fangirling and screaming for him. One girl literally had a banner printed with his faszhial on it. I commend you dear, you are obviously a profezzional fangirl and take your role very seriously.

All in all, a really great afternoon!



Spidey is never left far behind. This guy hey. This guy.


“Hey guys, look natural ok?”


I was clearly channeling Quasimodo, because that hoppel business.




You must know we were prepared. Coloured people don’t go anywhere without a basket of food. Or a tupperware. Or a pot.


Twooo Chaaaaaainz




If you look closely, the smudge on the stage wearing the hat is Jimmy.




When it comes to reserving space, NEVER be shy to be a bit ombeskof, because space means everything.

I still love Justin Timberlake.

Cape Town is beyoodiful.


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