All Hallow’s Eve

hallow's invite

I have always been enthralled by Halloween because it combines 2 of my favourite things: dressing up and candy. Let me elaborate.

I LOVE dressing up. I do not need an excuse, I will buy that new wig because who knows when next I’ll need to don some blue hair? So a holiday once a year dedicated to adorning yourself with a costume of some sort, where you get to embody the spirit of any character you want? YES PLEASE. (I feel like I could’ve made a very enthusiastic, but terrible drag queen).

As a kid, I believed that America was the coolest place on earth. This was largely due to the fact that we had M-Net (It was like semi stolen from our neighbour. We weren’t ridge. Everyone knows ridge kids had M-Net) & I’d watch a ridiculous amount of kids shows. And one thing always stood out. HALLOWEEN.

The Halloween episode was always wonderfully scary & exaggerated in any series. Hi Buffy, Charmed, Modern Family.

Free candy. I feel like if you had to get dressed up & knock on strangers’ doors here in Cape Town, you’d possibly be the subject of the front page of the critically acclaimed publication, The Voice. TOKOLOSHE KNOCKS ON WOMAN’S DOOR AND JEPS LEKKERS.

Halloween pardies. Er, EVERYONE knows that only the coolest people get invited. I mean in 2003, Regina George and Aaron Samuels started dating again. The 2 were seen canoodling at Chris Isen’s halloween party… they were inseparable ever since. Well, before Cady.

So when October came around and I had the house to myself, I had no other option. The stars had aligned & everything was in place. A yee old Hallow’s Eve pardy would be had!

These are but a few of the pics from that night. Oh, speszhial mention goes to Charvan Edward Moses who won the night, as he came dressed as me & was possibly extremely accurate with his “Nat Impression”. Possibly.

I had so mudge fun & it was great to see how committed everyone was to dressing up.
Shoutout to Alty for his boss nachos and Neeszh (sister) for helping set up!

Prep time

Making my minions

Making my minions

Spooky Station Deathly delectables

Neeszh’s legit scary cubcakes

Cauldron. Or my Daddy's potjie pot

Er, no this isn’t my Daddy’s potjie pot…

Mummies from the er, toilet Doors will be answered greetings

This zombie bride is pissed

Zombie Bride. Till death do you part.

Silent Bob Poppentjie pose V for Vendetta? Indian Death Beetle Juize mousies Wednesday hearts Frankie

Yes, Wednesday totes married Frankie.

carlotito What a wiatch sister sister Shuan died you guys

Naeem is very ready for the zombie apocalypse. Mishq is only laughing because she expects him to protect her.

devilish cowboy


Even dead people find love?

Beetle and wolfie group shot

franksbroese laugh it up

Attention, has anyone found Mo’s eyes?


The thing is, I will wear this whole outfit in real life 😐 And I don’t even really pose like this. You can’t prove anything!


Zombie Mzegezege?

death siblings

sizder saliesvampier

friendly fiends sous

There’s always time for sousies.

creepy liddle girl brothers black swan Dolly thrillleeeer fiends


Maria baypee. For lyf.

Costumes: zombie bride / zombie bob / poppentjie and minnie mouse / V for vendetta with his long lost cousin Fuad / indian death / beetlejuice / mickey and minnie mouse / frankenstein and wednesday addams / carlotito / wiatch / two wiatches / shaun of the dead survivors / devil and her cowboy / skeleton couple / beetlejuice and his werewolf friend / frankie / rasta jason / chartheefah and mary poppins / black swan, cereal killer and little red riding hood / dolly and vampier / dead girl and hipster zombie berk / the joker


Black bags have numerous uses, one of which is making a variety of different decoraszhions


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